Beautiful, cute and natural looking dimples

Anyone, man or woman of any age, can enjoy a brand new set of dimples. Dimple creation can be performed under local anaesthetic at the Medical Arts for Cosmetic Surgery clinic in Watford, Hertfordshire.

Natural dimples occur either on one or both sides of the face, and are generally present only when the face is animated by smiling, laughing or talking. A natural dimple is believed to be formed when there is a small defect in the cheek musculature or where the muscles used to form a smile are joined to the deeper part for the skin inside the cheek. When you smile the skin is pulled, causing the dimple to appear. Cheek dimples are dynamic!

Dimple creation surgery is a simple, safe and straightforward procedure which can be performed under local anaesthetic at our new plastic surgery clinic in Watford, Hertfordshire. The procedure takes around twenty minutes to perform, and you should be able to get straight on with your day as soon as you walk out of the clinic with your new dimples. Most of our patients resume their normal activities on the same as their procedure, or on the following day.

Speak to us about dimple creation. Call us at Medical Arts for Cosmetic Surgery on 020 7078 4378 or 07792 648726 if you are interested booking a consultation or learning more about the procedure. You will find some commonly asked questions about dimple creation surgery below.

More questions about dimple creation surgery?

The surgery takes around twenty  to thirty minutes.  The effects of the local anaesthetic can last around one and a half hours.

These can include bleeding, scarring, under or over correction, asymmetry, revisional surgery and weakness in the muscles. However, complications are very rare in our practice and the revision rate (the number of correctional surgeries) is very low.

There is also a theoretical possibility of injury to the nerves or to the saliva glands, although it has never happened.

Patients should be aware that the dimple will persist without smiling or moving the face for a period of between one week and three months.

We offer our patients one week and six week follow up appointments, and also ask them to return at any time should they wish to.

Patients are prescribed a five day course of broad spectrum antibiotics, and we ask you to use an antiseptic mouthwash for five days.  You are advised to take paracetamol should you feel it necessary, and we encourage patients to take a course of arnica, a homeopathic preparation well known for its healing qualities.   


cost of surgery

  1. How much does dimple creation cost?

    The dimple creation procedure costs £1000 for one dimple, £1500 for both.

Dimple creation patient testimonials and videos

I had always wanted to have dimples, so I had went online to see how I could go around the situation of actually getting dimples done.

I am 20 years old and had never undertaken surgery before, so getting dimples done for the first time had been a scary experience. However with the excellent services and help revived from the Medical Arts for Cosmetic Surgery department had really set my mind at ease and made me feel confident with all the procedures and after care activities that would be undertaken.

The doctor and all staff members had been so down to earth and ever so helpful. They ensured that I had felt comfortable as soon as I had stepped into the surgery till the point of my aftercare.

The doctor who had been Mr.Shailesh Vadodaria had sat down with me and shown me all his previous clients that he had helped and told me some insight about himself and how he had come across dimple surgery and had taken it into practice; which I believe is very important when undertaking surgery as I knew he had been experienced and well educated in just one of the fields he specializes in.

The surgery had been around 30 minutes long and I could not believe how genuine and kind all the staff members had been. From the receptionist, nurse, and the doctor himself.

After I had undertaken my surgery and went home on the same day, the staff had still been in contact with me through the phone, email and text. This had without a doubt exceeded my expectations of what I had initially thought.

I even came in after two weeks for a follow up and I had been so grateful with the services I had received all the way up to the surgery outcome.

I can put my hand on my heart and say that if anyone is thinking about going for the dimple creation, this place is the best place to go for! Especially being so affordable, it is definitely worth the price you would be paying for.

My dimples look amazing and I get compliments everywhere I go, I couldn't feel more confident and happy with myself and its all because of the team at Medical Art for Cosmetic Surgery.

I thank everyone from the team, and I am confident that this surgery is only going to progress and be one of the best cosmetic surgery in the UK.

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