Breast Enlargement / Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a surgery used to enhance the size of the breasts by inserting breast implants or by transferring fat. Women may decide to undergo breast augmentation for a variety of reasons. These reasons may centre around the breasts that are observed to be underdeveloped or because of the differences in the size of breast or breast changes following pregnancy or breast feeding. Breast augmentation can provide a woman with more proportional shape and size which may help them to boost confidence.
Breast implants are commonly used in breast augmentation by many of the cosmetic surgeons. There are various factors which need to be considered with breast enlargement/breast augmentation surgery, some of which are as follows:

Types of breast implants to be used

Silicone based breast implants are commonly used for breast augmentation. Silicone implants have an outer shell which is made from several layers of elastic silicone material which usually increases the durability of the implant without compromising the look of the breast once they are inserted.

Shape of the implants

Breast implants comes in two different shapes: round and anatomical. Amongst this which shape to be considered depends on the look the patient desires to obtain however, patients body shape and volume of the existing breast tissue should be considered while deciding the shape of implant to be inserted. Both the implants can provide natural results but selecting the proper size of the implants is important.

Size of implants

This is a tricky step for most of the patients. During the consultation with a plastic surgeon a sizing test is done where it is possible to test out different breast implant sizes. The plastic surgeon will be then able to have a discussion regarding all the possible options available. The size selection of the implants is a joint decision which depends on patient’s body size, proportions, chest width and symmetry.

Position of the implants

Breast implants can be placed either beneath the breast tissue on the top of the pectoralis muscle i.e. in sub glandular plane or partially beneath the pectoralis major muscle (upper half) and partly underneath the breast gland (lower half). This is known as dual plane.

Pregnancy and Breast Implants

The existence of breast implants will not affect your ability to become pregnant, deliver a baby, or even breastfeed. Breast implants does not have adverse effects on children.
It is usually recommend not to undergo breast augmentation for six months after a patient has stopped breast-feeding. Also, if breast augmentation is done before pregnancy it is necessary to consider that the shape and volume of breasts may change after pregnancy and breast-feeding.

Patients must be 18 years of age or older, must be in good health and have reasonable realistic expectations for their surgery.

The pain after the procedure is managed by proper analgesics to relieve your discomfort. You may need to use such medication for 72 hours to one week.

You will be shifted to recovery room after the procedure. Your breasts will be supported with a sport bra. It is recommended that your family member or friend should drive you home after the effects of the sedative completely wear off. You will be discharged with a course of antibiotics to avoid any infections and painkillers to reduce the pain. A follow-up appointment will be organised within a week.

It is advisable to continue with normal daily non strenuous activities within five days after the procedure. No strenuous activities like gym exercises, weight lifting etc. should be carried out during the first two weeks following the surgery.

Breast augmentation testimonials

Kind, professional, affordable and excellent care at MACS clinic.

It is very rare today to find an excellent surgeon that one can trust and feel confident with so I was very fortunate to have found Dr Shailesh Vadodaria to carry out my silicone breast implant removal. As soon as I met Mr Vadodaria, I knew immediately that he was the surgeon for me. He was kind, considerate, highly professional and affordable, which, as an unpaid carer were a huge factor and a concern for me. A few weeks ago I had my implants of 15 years removed. The reason for having them removed was only because as a climber they became an impediment and often got in the way when scaling crags or high altitude mountains, they also lost their shape, became increasingly uncomfortable and looked unnatural. Mr Vadodaria assured me that it would only be a 20 minute (day case surgery) and that the operation was a very simple procedure. Now my breasts look amazing, in fact, they are in great shape! Even the general anaesthetic used during the operation was wonderful and gave me absolutely no ill effects post- op whatsoever, it really was the best I ever had so I am grateful to his wife, an anaesthetist, Mrs Vadodaria. From the initial appointment to the day of the surgery was a really pleasant experience. Mr Vadodaria and his efficient staff at were always extremely kind, considerate and supportive in making sure that should I have any concerns about the surgery it was never a problem to contact them straightaway. My thanks also goes to Mr Vadodaria’s medical staff that looked after me so well. It is all appreciated. Thank you all again.

Breast augmentation changed my entire life.

I had breast augmentation surgery in June. It took me 20 years to pluck up enough courage to go and talk to someone, because you think everyone will think you are doing it for all the wrong reasons, but it was the best decision that I have ever made it has changed my life, in the run up to the surgery I did have my doubts whether I was doing the right thing but every time I thought about how depressed I felt, always covering up in public, never going swimming with my children, feeling sick to the stomach when I had to go shopping for clothes knowing I would never get something to fit properly, shying away when my partner went to touch me or look at me, I knew I would regret it if I did not go through with it. With the support of my family and the medical staff I had the surgery. The first two weeks were hard and I thought what have I done, but now things are getting better I feel really good, and I am really lucky I have a partner who has been with me all the way. We went on our first beach holiday with friends, I go out without covering up and don’t even think about it, I have went shopping without getting embarrassed and because I covered up so much before and never went too big, no one has really noticed which is just what I wanted it. The medical staff are really understanding and supportive they made me feel so comfortable. I wish I had done this years ago. I would recommend anyone that is in the same position that I was to go and talk to someone, you will get support and it will change your life.

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